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When I work with my clients, there is usually a need that triggers them to reach out to me and book my services. Does any of this sound familiar? 

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Ever wondered what the state of play was with your Google Analytics setup?

My GA audits aim to find opportunities to improve the insights from your GA account, close off any blind spots, and fix any issues you may have with your data collection.


Listen, I know it’s difficult to stay up to date on all the latest measurement tools like GA, Data Studio, GA4, BigQuery…when you have your day job to do.

I can short cut your learning journey, distilling all my knowledge over the last decade, training and consulting on all things to do with measurement.

Data & Analytics Speaker

Having been in the training industry for a decade now, I am used to standing up in a room full of strangers sharing my knowledge on a topic. In 2018 I started to speak at conferences and have been booked to speak in the UK, Europe and the USA.

About Jill

Hello, and welcome. My name is Jill, and I run The Coloring in Department. I focus on all things involved in measurement. From Google Analytics (UA and GA4), to data visualisation, reporting and BigQuery.

I help brands get the most out of their measurement strategy through training, audits, troubleshooting and consulting.

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“Jill has really helped us with our measurement strategy. From GA audits to find where we can improve, to analytics and data visualization training to make sure my team is as up to date as possible. The team has loved working with her. Always full of energy and she has a great way of explaining things in plain english. She has been a huge help and support, her attention to detail and clear process on how to approach messy GA properties is hugely impressive.”

April Wang , VP Marketing | Bandwidth 

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