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Wondering about the status of your GA4 setup? I can help.

Does this sound familiar?

You've transitioned to a GA4 data stream after bidding farewell to UA on July 1st, 2023. You used your UA reports for as long as you could, and now they have been sunset, well, set on fire and thrown off an analytics cliff.


Perhaps you were hoping the sunset date would be extended. As you juggle your daily responsibilities, focusing on your to-do list and the latest priorities, you simply don't have the time to sift through all the information labeled "how to do GA4." and there is no formal training to analytics is there?

Now, as you log into your data stream, you find yourself uncertain about what you're looking at and how the data ended up there. Maybe someone else set up your GA4 data stream, and the documentation provided wasn't as comprehensive as you had hoped.

It's also possible that your data collection isn't as reliable as you'd like it to be. You're in need of a thorough review, a sanity check to assess your current state, and a guiding hand to lead you towards where you should be. But where do you even begin?


My GA4 audits are designed to uncover opportunities for enhancing the insights derived from your GA account. Whether it's identifying blind spots, addressing data collection issues, or fine-tuning your measurement plan, I've got you covered with my extensive expertise.

A trusted expert by your side

As an independent consultant, I've been conducting Google Analytics reviews and audits since 2012, and specializing in GA4 measurement plans since 2020. I've meticulously dissected and reconstructed analytics accounts for some of the world's largest brands. Whether you're seeking quick wins or a comprehensive analysis, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

GA4 Measurement Review and Audits: Uncover the Hidden Gems

My clients have told me that my GA4 audits and reviews are comprehensive, thorough and actionable. And truth be told, I absolutely love doing them. That's why I've dedicated a significant portion of my career to perfecting this craft. My audits come in different flavors, each tailored to your specific needs.


The Review

This insightful review addresses those elusive questions you may have. Is your data collection compliant with regulations? How effective is your marketing strategy? What's happening on your website? Why does your data seem inaccurate? I'll also provide guidance on common and correct setups to optimize your GA4 implementation.


The Shiny Audit

If you're seeking a more comprehensive analysis, the big shiny audit is just what you need. It delves deep into every aspect of your Google Analytics implementation. From understanding the complete landscape to refining your measurement strategy, this audit will provide you with a firm grasp of your GA4 setup.

Let's Optimize Your GA4 Setup


Ready to uncover the full potential of your GA4 implementation? Let's embark on this journey together. Reach out to me today, and let's discuss how my GA4 audits can empower you to extract valuable insights, enhance your measurement strategy, and unlock new opportunities.

Discovering Your Unique Needs: Let's Get Acquainted!


To start off, we'll schedule a discovery call, where I'll take the time to get to know your business and address any questions or challenges you may have regarding your GA4 implementation. This initial conversation will allow me to gather the necessary information to provide you with a detailed statement of work tailored specifically to your needs.

Understanding Your Analytics: The Discovery Survey


Once we kick off your project, we'll proceed with a discovery survey. This short questionnaire aims to clarify the crucial measurement requirements for your analytics, aligning them with your business model and website. Many of the clients I've assisted have identified areas where they believe their data isn't functioning optimally or have concerns about their data collection methods. By completing this survey, you'll help me identify where to focus my efforts and troubleshoot any potential issues you may be experiencing.

The primary outcome of this process is twofold: validating your measurement objectives and gaining a thorough understanding of your current data collection and configuration methods across your website(s).

Delving Deep: Review

and Audit


With access to your GA ecosystem, I'll dive into the nitty-gritty details. I'll meticulously examine all aspects, exploring every setting, toggle, and piece of data. By doing so, I'll determine how your data is being processed and how it influences the reports you rely on for making informed decisions about your marketing and website strategies.

GA4 presents a unique opportunity to reevaluate the interactions you previously relied on in older analytics versions and consider what you can track in GA4. My focus will be on mapping out your website and customer journey, identifying the current interactions you're tracking, and pinpointing opportunities for enhancement while eliminating any blind spots.

The main outcome of this process is to provide you with a comprehensive document that includes an administrative configuration and data collection plan, along with recommended changes and explanations on how these adjustments will impact your data. Since the quality of your GA4 data stream depends on the events you track, I'll also provide a detailed event map for all key interactions aligned with your measurement objectives.

Insightful Debrief:
Unveiling Recommendations

During the debrief session, I will present to you the complete review and measurement recommendations, dedicating approximately 3-4 hours to thoroughly discuss our findings. We will delve deep into analyzing your current situation and highlighting strategies for improving your setup.

Following the session, you will receive comprehensive documentation and a clear to-do list, armed with a deep understanding of how your data is processed and how to leverage GA4's full potential.


Ready to optimze, measure and gain valuable insights with actionable insights?

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“Jill has really helped us with our measurement strategy. From GA audits to find where we can improve, to analytics and data visualization training to make sure my team is as up to date as possible. The team has loved working with her. Always full of energy and she has a great way of explaining things in plain english. She has been a huge help and support, her attention to detail and clear process on how to approach messy GA properties is hugely impressive.”

April Wang , VP Marketing | Bandwidth 

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