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Hi, I'm Jill

I run the Colouring in Department and I focus on all things involved in measurement. From analytics, to data visualisation, more bigquery stuff thanks to GA4 . If I was to have a job title, I would go with Analytics Consultant and Trainer.  I help brands get the most out of their measurement strategy through training, reviews and audits, to troubleshooting and consulting.

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My journey in digital

I have been working in digital marketing for a very long time. My love for business and marketing started when I was doing my GSCEs in the late 90’s (yes that long ago). This path saw me on a path where I studied Marketing Management at University, which included a year working in industry. I worked for a web agency and learned about the world of building websites. In my late 20’s I did a Post Grad in Digital Marketing which got me further into analytics and measurement.

Why The Coloring 
In Department

I lovingly adopted The Colouring in Department as an idea for a company name, as I have, as I am sure you have experienced this, being referred to as the “person in the department that just does stuff”.

Nebulous marketing stuff. The revenue takers , not the makers, the people we go to when we want things to look nice or do some social media or email stuff. So I thought, yeah fine, lets own the term, and do great work.

The love for analytics was a happy accident after I worked in a company where the sales director was making a move to take my budget and remove people from my department to fund new sales people.

This is where the quote from Edwards Demings comes in ‘without data you’re just another person with an opinion.

I knew that the work we were doing was having an impact, and I needed to prove it, show the evidence, and going into a board meeting with a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy won’t cut it. You need to show our craft in all its creative beauty, but we also need to show the numbers to justify it and continue with our work.

This started my journey into really getting into the weeds of GA, and now, I have completed close to 230 audits now, have trained thousands of people, and the learning journey has been energised over the last 2 years thanks to the move of web and app, which is now known as GA4.

A proud neurodivergent, in addition to my work with The Colouring in Department, I am working on a new brand ‘A Typical Day” which aims to celebrate neurodiversity, provide information, guidance and ideas and tools to help raise neurodiverse kids.

As far as hobbies go, I love creating, currently my favourite activities are screen and lino printing and biomorphic patterns. Who knew maths and art could be so much fun?!

Some Of The Brands
I Have Helped

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