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Having been in the training industry for a decade now, I am used to standing up in a room full of strangers sharing my knowledge on a topic. In 2018 I started to speak at conferences and have been booked to speak in the UK, Europe and the USA.

What do I speak about? Me being me, it is all about my love for measurement. Anything to do with GA, GA4, Data Visualisation and Reporting, yeah, that is my jam.

It is always an honour to be invited to speak at a conference, I am keen on being part of events that share my values and are actively working towards an accessible and inclusive event.

If you would like to book me to speak at your event, then get in touch!

Awsome things you'll get




I deliver high energy, highly engaging, and highly involving talks for big and small businesses.




I create incredibly interactive talks, which tend to include lots of custom animations and illustrations. I don’t really do bullet points.




I ensure that the talk is the right fit for the audience, and spend a lot of time making sure I am just right for the event too.




Templates, plans, processes – in support of the talk. Free, and ungated.

Places I've spoken at


...and many more...

A trusted pair of hands


Tiffany Da Silva

Founder-Flow Jo

“Honestly, among the most enjoyable, and actionable speakers I’ve ever seen. They easily light up a stage, and it probably doesn’t hurt that they are lovely people too!”


Barry Adams

Founder-Polemic Digital

“They are always really engaging, really informative, and really suck the audience in — which is no mean feat with a large and diverse group of attendees in mind.”


Mark Scully

Founder-Learn Inbound

“Hands-down guaranteed to be some of the best-rated speakers at your event. The Coloring In Department are without a doubt, among the smartest and most authoritative speakers in the industry.”


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