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Attribution…bit of a big word to say, “who gets the credit for your marketing?”

Should you care? We think yes. OK, here’s a question for you. Did you know that the Acquisition report in Google Analytics uses 1 of 7 available attribution models? It boggled our mind the 1st time we dug into this topic, and moved our mindset, to understand how GA actually credits our marketing efforts.

How will this resource help you?

We would argue that this is not a nice-to-have-bit-of-knowledge to wrap your head around. It’s key to understand the role of each of your marketing channels, you do not want to under or over value channels. The road to Attribution. This template explains what attribution is, without the mind boggling big words that just confuses us, with a nice little customer journey example. You will see our process, told in our coloring in way, about how you want to create an accurate story about how your users are behaving through your marketing channels, and the role the channels have in getting your goals to happen. Sound good? Go forth, download the template and attribute!

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