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The Consumer Cross Stitch ©

The Consumer Cross Stitch, a new model developed by The Coloring in Department that can be used to identify the types of queries, keywords and modifiers that your audience are typing into Google.

Search is such a high intent channel, you don’t have any other marketing channel where your prospects and customers are in the keyboard based driving seat and actively looking for an answer to their question, or a solution for their problem. This model will help you identify each step of the journey so you can serve up some amazing content that matches their intent.

How will this resource help you?

We type our thoughts, fears, dreams, and questions into Google. Just think about all the things you’ve typed into that little search box, and how you might feel if people could see what you were asking our favourite search engine? Maybe a little nervous?

It’s quite telling isn’t it, someone’s search history, and that’s because you know that no one will see it, ever. You can just whip out your phone and find the answer.

As a business, surely you’d want to be found for every stage of the journey?

For all queries?

Of course you would.

Now, how do you do it?

We think it’s a blend of the customer journey, keyword modifiers and a sprinkle of UX customer empathy maps, but that’s a bit of a mouth full so we just called it “The Consumer Cross Stitch” ©, go check it out!

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