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  • Jill Quick

How to Migrate to Google Analytics 4

Steps You Should Take to Optimise Your GA4 Strategy! 

Hosted by- The In Search SEO Podcast

Embark on a data-driven conversation in this latest podcast with the team at ‘The In Search SEO Podcast’. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this expert panel unravelling the secrets of a seamless migration to GA4. We spoke about essential steps to redefine your conversion data, and strategically define key data points for a robust analytics foundation. This episode will answer frequently asked questions such as, why you need to collect more data than you think is needed and offer actionable insights to optimise your GA4 experience. Need tips for a smooth transition? I’ve got you covered with expert GA4 migration tips. Stick to the end to find out why you comparing GA4 to UA is a big mistake!

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